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BREAKDOWN AND REPAIR Forklift Models / Areas Covered 

Whether you're in Exeter, Swindon, or Cardiff, Forklift Inspections (South West) will respond to any breakdowns within four hours, and it doesn't matter which model(s) you have: we work on 
If you have a different make, we'll try our best to help you out. 


Thorough inspections are a legal requirement, so every 6 or 12 months (depending on your circumstances), we test all lifting equipment, lighting, the seat, audible and visual warnings, steering, bearings, mountings, carriage, forks, retaining pins, chains, rams, any attachments (including side-shift), brakes, chassis, traction, and oil levels. It's a forklift's equivalent to a car's MOT, in which we check everything. 
A service, meanwhile, depends on the frequency you use your forklift. We recommend at least two a year, but some customers, who depend on their trucks a lot, prefer one every 3 months. Standard services are in addition to thorough inspections because during the latter, we can't repair damage, only prepare for repairs; during a service, however, we replace oils and filters, top-up water and anti-freeze, adjust brakes, grease all moving joints, lubricate chains, and amend any basic faults.  
If we find any further issues, or if you notice a problem, we'll solve it as soon as possible. Even though each engineer keeps spare parts on the road with them, if we need further replacements, they can generally be acquired the following day, as long as we can order the parts by 3pm. 
Repairs can typically be carried out on-site, but we also offer major repairs and refurbishments at our workshop in Weston-super-Mare. Don't worry: we can also arrange transport. 
For a quote, call John on: 01934 413970 / 0776 1100848. 
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